Amazing Street Food in Mumbai

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Hey there foodie’s!
Are you on a hunt of toothsome food? Then these amazing places you must visit to take a bite of that mouth-watering food.

1)    Zaveri Bazar Khau Galli:   Loaction: (Kalbadevi)

First things first, start with the most amazing street food in south Mumbai especially famous for gold market as well as “Khau Galli”. This khau galli running whole day with the pocket-friendly food.
In this khau galli, the most special and the delicious food for which people are crazy for “Butter Masala Papad”, “Aloo-Pyaz Kahoori”, “Jalebi, Pani Puri”, and “Dosa”. Especially the butter masala Papad is the best thing to try.
Zaveri Bazar Khau Galli is the perfect destination for the vegetarian foodies. It is situated in the South Mumbai. You can reach this khau galli from Masjid Bandar station (West) of central railway and Marine Line Station (East) of western railways.

 2)    Mohammad Ali road Khau Galli:   Location: (Masjid Bandar) 

One of the huge lane of street food in Mumbai is the “Mohammad Ali Road khau Galli”. The variety of food, the uniqueness of appetizing test makes it more inviting and catches the limelight of foodies.
This is the perfect designation for vegetarian and non- vegetarian foodies. The most famous for special food attraction like Biryani, Mawa Jalebis, Malpuas, Masala Milk, Mithai. Especially “Birayani” is probably the best Birayani you’ll get here.
To reach Mohammad Ali road, its better you go Masjid Bandar Station. Walkable distance from Masjid Bandar station (West) of the central railway as well the CSMT station.

3)    Sardar Pav Bhaji:   Location: (Tardeo)

As the name suggests, this place is heaven for all Pav Bhaji lovers.  Also, they not only serve the “pav bhaji” but also serves delicious “Masala Pav”, “Mango milkshake” and last but not least “Sweet paan”. Usually, most of the foodies come here to try their special “Pav bhaji”.
The best time to visit that place is on weekends. They serve till 2.00 am. So no worries if you are visiting at late night as well.
“Sardar Pav Bhaji” is situated in the most prime location of the city “Tardeo”. To reach, It is near to “Mumbai Central Station” also you can reach from “grant road station”.

4)    Ashok Vada Pav Stall:   Location: (Prabhadevi, Dadar (West) )

The “Vada Pav” for which the Mumbai is especially known for. The Ashok Vada Pav is the perfect destination for all Vada Pav lovers and the reason is quite obvious, the delicious and spicy test of Vada Pav.
The Ashok Vada Pav comes in the list of the top most Vada Pavs in Mumbai. The low cost of Vada pav and its lip-smacking experience make foodie’s fall in love with that test and keep them wanting more.
To reach Ashok Vada Pav Stall, the most nearest station is Dadar (West). You can get sharing taxi’s from a station as well. The most amazing thing is that it is situated near “Dadar Beach”. So you might have a good time there!

5)    Ghatkopar khau Galli:   Location: (Ghatkopar)

Ghatkopar khau Galli is one of the most famous and vegetarian street food Galli. Especially know for the restaurants and food likes Ice cold Pani puri, Sandwich, Dosa are the main attractions that catch the attention of foodies.
To reach Ghatkopar khau galli, the most nearest station is “Ghatkopar”. Best time to visit that khau galli is evening.

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  1. In thane behind railway stop and near bus stop there gets jumbo vodapav.famous of thane

  2. Thank you so much for checking in, I'll try to add your info in my upcoming blogs.

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