Problems Mumbaikar’s Face in Rainy Season

Train stuck in Heavy rain Mumbai
Hey there Mumbaikar!
Mumbai: It’s all about timing. Either way, we can say it’s all about people. The spirit of Mumbai people is awe-inspiring, especially in the Rainy season. No matter what? They always face every difficulty with morale.
Here are some common problems they face in rainy season:

The Local Train Problem:

First things first, the lifeline of Mumbai city “Local Trains” are the most commonly affected services during the rainy season. Waterlogging on rail tracks causes delays in the train schedule and the resultant outcome is overcrowded trains. But the Mumbaikar faces this situation with a courageous spirit. Hats off!!!

Waterlogging on Roads:

The heavy rain hits where it hurts it affects both the train and the various public transports waterlogging on roads causes heavy traffic jams and makes it difficult to move at all. but it’s not over here, no rickshaw is available, nobody goes to where we want them to. And there is one more thing to face while on road are Manholes. No matter how many precautions are taken by the authority for civilians, It’s always a hide and seek with danger since the city is way too big and it’s difficult to manage at every level. Every year’s there are lots of peoples who lose their lives to this drastic scenario. 
Drawn, Suffered, abide, on the verge of break even after this our Mumbai never is truly an astounding and full of life.

Battle with the flood:

The heavy rain in Mumbai causes the flood like conditions and the people who suffer most are from slums. The situation affects their house it is filled with water and mud and there are a number of the serious issues like no electricity, no water supply, insect infestation, food deficiency due to water affecting food supplies. Flood not only damage their valuable assets but also disrupts their life as well. But that cannot break the spirit of Mumbaikar, they struggle they fight and never quit they are truly a magnificent example of human evolution and adaption to a situation.

Sea life:

We all know, Our Mumbai is surrounded by the sea from all side. That makes the rain more destructive. High tides are the more common thing that happens during Heavy rain and causes the lots of plastic trash in the sea surfaces. The garbage causes both air and water pollution and also affects human health as well.
Well, there are many things that Mumbaikar deals with, the only thing that stands is “Mumbaikar’s Spirit”. No matter what is takes Mumbaikar face it and make their path in every situation. 
Hats off to all Mumbaikar’s!!!!

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