Tricks to Start Conversation with Strangers

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Fear, especially unnecessary fear is one of the biggest problem while communicating with the strangers. The questions like what they’ll think? How’ll they react? Why should I talk first? And many more questions popped up in mind while talking to the strangers for the first time. Isn’t it?

So how to overcome that fear & deal with that questions? 

Use below tricks to approach strangers for the first time.

1)    Prepare yourself before approaching someone: 

Make sure you must have something in mind to talk about, just like an open-ended question. Prepare yourself with few questions in mind before approaching. Make sure question should not be too personal. You can start with the basic questions like “hi or hello” and so on.

2)    Make a great first impression:

First things first, the great first impression can create long-lasting relationships, make sure you must prepare with below body language tips:


A smile is the greatest weapon to trigger a conversation with a stranger. It might sound awkward but that really works. Just smile & the whole world will smile with you.

    Be confident:

Confidence plays the important role in communication. Be confident while approaching someone. Go with the conversation starter mindset.

    Eye Contact:

Last but not least, Eye contact creates an intimate bond. Eye’s speaks more than words. So learn to play that eye contact game.


3)    Make a small talk:

It might be awkward if you start a conversation with personal quesktions. Instead, you can start with the small talks like commenting on the weather conditions or on a pretty sunny day or on the simple things. This is how you can take your small talk to the great meeting.

4)    Take initiative and show interest:

If you want to talk with a stranger, obviously you have to take initiative to start a conversation.  Make sure asking too many questions like how are you? What do you like most? What are your hobbies? blah..blah..blah. It felt like an examination, isn’t it? For sure, Question shows your interest but you must ask it in the right context. So use your humor, ask few questions and wait for their response and choose neutral topics of interest.

5)    Be a Gentleman:

The last but not least, be a gentleman while approaching to the stranger. Have some good reason to talk, be prepared or either you can use contextual options if it is more related to your situation.
Go ahead, don’t feel awkward anymore. Try these tricks and have a great conversation.

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