A Booby Trap

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Life is full of surprises…..no?  In the pursuit of happiness, we deal with a lot of things from people to people and from situations to situations. Life is full of random, happy, sad and weird experiences. The formula for happiness is way too complicated to understand and that is how the life goes on.
How often that happened? When you planned for something in a manner and that entirely gone wrong. Disappointed, no? The weirdest thing is when you have something in mind to experiment and at the same time life starts experimenting with you in another way. Dealing with the situation is a bit hard some time that’s why we called it life. 
Let’s consider the real-life scenario, for students, it’s hard to give up on exams because at the end of the day they have to face it. For a working professional, it’s hard to give up on work because at the end of the day they have to complete it anyhow. For a person having lots of responsibilities, it is very difficult to give up on that responsibilities. In short, no matter what, we have to face it.
Having a positive outlook on life is a crucial part but after all, it’s a creation of our mind. It’s too short, so live your life the way you want. Choose a job you love. Combine your passion and talent to do something positive.
After all, life is like a booby trap no one know what’s going to happen next. So keep rolling.
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