How Engineering Changed My Life

Celebration of Convocation Ceremony
No jobs, high number of unemployment, competition like hell and many more terms people use to describe engineering. Even more, people are also advised not to enroll in engineering now a days. Is engineering really a bad career option? Well, I don’t know really. I am an Engineer and I am going to share the best time span of my engineering that how engineering made me a better person.
It started in 2013, who knows that is going to be a life-changing experience of my life. New people, new teachers, and new experience. The first day was pretty confusing and the whole semester went so fast. As the time passes, seems like everything is changing. Meanwhile, I have already faced exams, submissions, college events, and many ups and downs and this is how my new journey was started. In the second year of my engineering, I started researching on presentation topics for my first presentation and finally on that day, scared and tensed I started with presentation It was good but I didn’t speak what I prepared so hard, it was something else but relevant and then I realize “this is something that doesn’t need a lots of content, dozens of slides, or a perfect presentation. What you need is a knowledge of subject and confidence”. And later I start using this trick in my viva and in my entire engineering. You might surprise, but yes that confidence gave me my first job on the first attempt and there were lots of such experiences I faced during my engineering.
Engineering taught me a lot of things, it taught me to laugh, to cry, to learn, to face problems, to dare and most important is “not to quit” whatever it takes. I am happy today that I was a part of that beautiful journey.

My Message to the engineering students:

Every field is awesome and when it comes to engineering, the things that are important: what you see, what you listen, what you adapt and how you implement it from surrounding is the key to the success. Apart from studies, there is a lot to do in engineering. Always hunt for extra activates, do participate actively, and keep learning new each day. Best of Luck!!!
“Work performed with higher knowledge or skill, capacity or ambition, usually brings a correspondingly higher reward.”
-Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

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