Social Phobia: More Than Just Shyness

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 It is difficult to understand things, especially when it comes to human nature, no? It is very unpredictable and changes with time. There are only few whom we know for their great sense of humor and for rest we called them as an ordinary humor person. Is it really over here? No. There are people whom we know for their weird behavior. Are they really weird? Or is that a kind of anxiety or a social phobia?  Let’s dig in.

What is Social Phobia?

 In layman’s term, it is a fear of social situations or anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by people. It is the 3’rd largest mental health problem in the world today. The people with social phobia not only suffer from the emotional problems but also the physical symptoms like sweating, rapid heart rate and can get small panic attack under intense fear. 


The people with the social phobia experiences these symptoms in following situations:    


    Meeting new people
    Public speaking
    Being introduced to the other people
    Job interviews
    Social gatherings
Social phobia and shyness are different things. Most of the people think both are same. So it is very important to figure it out because shyness can be easily overcome but if it is a social phobia then there are a few techniques you can use.

How to overcome social phobia?


1)    Figure out what are you avoiding and why?

It is important to know the roots of your fear. Unless and until you don’t know about your fear you can’t fight with it. So figure out the cause of fear and why are you afraid of it. Once you figured out the cause you can work on it accordingly.

2)    Social skills training:

Learn social skills like gestures & eye contact, effective communication, proper body language, the most important is ignore distraction. These skills help you to gain confidence. Consult the therapist or professionals who can help you improve your social skills.   

3)    Be more social:

Try to be more social, interact with people more. Make your friend circle large. The more you interact with your friends and people more you get out from your comfort zone and that is the most import thing to get rid of the social fear.

4)    Face your fear:

Fear is something that you are not knowing much about the things you’re afraid of. Take one small step, talk about your fears. Write down your fear, it can help you to figure out its roots. The last but not least, take a professional to help to get rid of it.
After all, it’s just a fear and you can overcome it. So be positive always!!!

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