Interesting Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know

Aeroplane ready to fly
1)    Why airplanes are white?

Why airplanes are not colorful? Well, there is a thermal science behind that. According to the research, white color best reflect the sunlight which keeps the cabinet of plane cool. Purdue University Conducted research on this topic, the study found that white airplanes have fewer bird collisions and that’s why the planes are usually of white color.
2)    Which language has the most words?

English ranks among the world’s most word-laden language. This claim is made but it is partially impossible to verify. Let’s think that way, is run one word or do we count run, runs, ran as three different words? Got the point? There are many such combinations of words in English and that’s why English has the most words.
3)    Which words have the most definition’s in the English language?

    Go: 368 definition’s
    Run: 396 definition’s
    Strike: 250 definition’s
    Turn: 288 definition’s
   Get: 289 definition’s

4)    Which facial Features pick out immediately by strangers?

•    Familiarity: 

That’s true, people look for familiarity. You can consider the babies example.

there is a social psychology behind this. People with baby face have round face and large eyes & foreheads. Look more like a babyface could make people treat you more kindly.
    Emotional Resemblance: 

We humans are pretty good at reading emotions & that is the first thing everyone notices.
5)    Which are the world’s most remote places?
    Oymyakon, Russia:

The coldest place on the earth. The average temperature in oymyakon is -55.0 °C. The most amazing fact is that children’s are allowed to go to school if the temperature is warmer than -55.0 °C.

    Supai, Arizona:

This village is located near the Grand Canyon with the population of just over 200. There are no roads in this village and it has been referred as most remote community by the U.S government. There are no roads in this village, the only way out is by helicopter.

    Socotra Island, Yemen:

The Socotra Island is located in the Indian Ocean. This is one of the most remote places in the world and known for the weirdest plant species like “Dragon Blood Trees” and caves.
6)    Do you see the same color as everyone else?

The answer is No, you heard it right. Calm down it’s a color theory. People may not see the same color when looking at the same thing and that’s the color perception. There are three different photoreceptors in the back of everyone’s eyes that are red, green and blue and that’s why everyone has a different perception.
7)    You go blind thousands of time in a day

Look around, moving only eyes left right up and down. You can’t see when your eyes are in rapid motion. When your eyes are in motion you go blind and this phenomenon is called “Saccadic Masking”.

8)    The Most Poisonous Plant on Earth

    Water Hemlock:

The water Hemlock is an extremely poisonous plant found in North America. It’s fatal when swallowed and can cause death in 15 minutes.
    White Snakeroot:

This 1.5m tall plant is also known for white sanicle. It contains toxin termetol. This plant not only poisonous to humans but also for horses, goats and sheep.
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  2. Very nice information.! Liked the facts about "Dragon 🐲 blood tree" and “Saccadic Masking”.
    I think there are more words in Marathi language than English language. There comes many times when you can explain some thing in Marathi but you don't find the proper word or the way in English.

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