Top 10 Upbeat Songs You Must Listen

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Music, this five letter word is the world’s best medicine, just imagine a day without music? I am sure you can’t live without it. Imagine a world without music, the world would be a silent place!!! It’s hard to imagine and this is how the music having dominance in our lives.

Why listening to music is good for you?

    Music makes you feel better:

Music plays important role in our life, research proves that when you listen to the music you love the most brain releases the dopamine which is responsible for your happiness. Listening to music lowers your stress and help you improve your health.

    Music makes you more creative:

How often that happened? When you listen to your favorite song and thought “I want to be just like my favorite singer” and suddenly start singing or some of them thought “I want to write song lyrics” and they start writing. In short music lets you make use of your creativity.

    Correlation between music and happiness:

Music and happiness are directly proportional. A happy music causes a person to breathe faster which is a physical sign of happiness. It has been found that music boosts the immune system of a patient after surgeries. Even animals also love a specific type of music.

Here are the top 10 Upbeat songs you must listen:

1)    Can’t Stop the Feeling (2016)
       Song by: Justin Timberlake
2)    Shake It Off (2014)
       Song By: Taylor Swift
3)    Want to Want Me (2015)
       Song By: Jason Derulo
4)    Roar (2013)
       Song By: Katy Perry
5)    Pumped Up Kicks (2010)
       Song By: Mark Foster
6)    What Makes You Beautiful (2011)
       Song By: Savan Kotecha
7)    All About That Bass (2014)
       Song By: Meghan Trainor
8)    Elastic Heart (2013)
       Song By: Sia Furler
9)    Airplanes (2010)
       Song By: rapper B.o.B
10)   Uptown Funk (2014)
        Song By: Mark Ronson

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