Everything She Knows

Loving picture of Mother and her child
Do you know something or someone that can beat Google?
Come on….. Don’t think too much…. it’s easy
Your Mom!
Mom knows everything that even Google doesn’t know, at least about you. The only human on the earth having superpower is our mom. The burden she carries is something that cannot be measured. From our every small need to big problems she is the one who is always supportive and protective about us.
You may have experienced something relatable to this. Remember your school days? When used to find your stuff here and there restlessly and at last you cry for your superhero “mom”…..
Moms are pretty smart when you try to hide something from her………”busted”. She is our Sherlock Holmes. When you are hungry, when you are sad, when you are happy, when you are tense, no matter in what situation you are, she knows everything.
Times goes on, we grow older, and everything changes with time except “mother’s love”. Your mother gave you life, what could be more loving than that!!!
My mom….Your mom…. Everybody’s mom….. She knows everything!!!
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7 Replies to “Everything She Knows”

  1. Very Nice Article….

  2. 🙌 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  3. Mom is always right 😍

  4. Haha..! 😄 Yup, Google doesn't have the enough power and big data over you to knok more than your mother.
    Also liked the term you used "busted" from nfs game. Got me remember the days I used to win races..! 😅

  5. Very nice post, maybe not for Google 😀

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