Unanswered Feelings – 2

Man hiding surprise flower in his hand.

The Ambiguous Conclusion……

Sometime we can’t identify, what’s going on in our life? Feelings are like hide-and-seek game, there are thousands of feelings hiding behind your innocent heart and the answers of million questions you’re seeking at the same time.
Every day we think, Today is the day to give a way to our feelings, we decide we have to express it no matter what. We convince our mind, yes I can do that, just go ahead and express but the fear inside us kills that beautiful feelings and we back off.  On the second day, with more positive vibes we cross fingers and finally decide, no back off today and end up like previous day again. Now it becomes crucial for us because of the questions like what? And why? Which makes us unexpressive but that fear is the beauty of that relation.
On one random day, when you are not come up with any thoughts in your mind but there are many unanswered questions and suddenly you express your feelings finally and that silence feels like the loudest voice you have ever heard. You’re like I did it and I don’t know what’s next. You’re wondering, whether that person has those same feelings, maybe not. Maybe same fear or may not be. Maybe the same question or maybe some answers. Maybe Yes or Maybe…..
All you need to do is believe and trust in the beauty of that relation because your thoughts becomes your things. 
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2 Replies to “Unanswered Feelings – 2”

  1. Great.. It's true… Because of this we missed loved ones I think.

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