Unanswered Feelings

Boy gives a surprise with a flower to a girl
Relations are like glass, once broken can’t be fixed. Life is meaningless without relations.
Sometime we just can’t identify whether its love or affection or friendship. As the time passes you start realizing the meaning of that unnamed uncategorized relation. Time plays a game, in fact, there is no perfect time for all the things you want to express. We care a lot, maybe of our image or image of the person we like. Maybe that person also knows about your feelings, the only thing you need to do is express.
Relations are beautiful when you fall in love with their roots. You may fall in love with someone else’s personality, their way of talking maybe their voice or maybe their approach towards life. You may find their dreams cool and these are the small aspects of that person which makes you wanting that person and the new lifelong bond is form and this is what we called it as a relation. We never know what that person feels about us unless and until we communicate with that person and share our feelings. Sometimes eyes speak more than words, hiding thousands of secrets behind. All you need to do is trust and let them trust you, care and let them know that you care.
Some things may take time, it’s not easy to express but when you do, who knows what’s going to happen. You might be unanswered. All you need to do is believe and trust in the beauty of that relation because your thoughts becomes your things. 
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4 Replies to “Unanswered Feelings”

  1. Grate opinion about relationship and their facts, great job.

  2. Nice one Bhushan… Very well written….

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