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Dreams, everyone’s life is surrounded around this five letter word. Someone wants to sing, someone wants to write, someone wants to be an actor or someone wants to achieve something in their life and something that defines all those things is a DREAM.
We never know why? Always follow what others say to us. Just an example, If somebody is saying, This is a nice job or that is a nice profession for you & It will bring you the lots of money and then our subconscious mind start indexing those factors in mind and create the good image of that scenario subconsciously without knowing its risks. Ultimately you start running behind the imaginary life that somebody told you. What I want to say is very clear, Trusting people and running behind the things they’re saying is not bad but without knowing your interest in it is definitely a bad choice. It might possible you’ll get the success in it & you’ll adopt that life one day but ultimately you’ll not that happy because this is not a something that you really wants to do in your life. Now you know what I am talking about, So called DREAMS.
My dear friend, Life gives everyone a chance to showcase their talent. There is no concept like “Perfect Time” so don’t waste your time thinking about it. All you need to do is think, think more and more about your passion and dreams, figure out what it takes to implement in real life. Start working on it. Start following the people in the same niche. Do all the possible things you can. Hunt every possible resource and make the best use of it. Trust me, after a few days you will start realizing the change, change within you and that change will bring you the confidence to conquer your dreams.
You might be thinking right now, what if we don’t get success in it, “Failure”. Well, my answer to this is ‘Just do it’. I know failures are hard, but it is the sign that saying you are “DOING”. Just don’t stop until you make it happen. And one most important thing, If you can’t handle the failure then how will you handle the success then. Make sense right?
All you need to do is trust on yourself first, know the power and beauty of your dreams. Do everything that you can do. Face the problems that are ultimately making you strong. Be passionate and enthusiastic and never quit. Trust me, one day when you’ll get enough courage to make your dreams come true, your ‘besabriyaan’ for that success will make you happy and you’ll be the example for others.  
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  1. Besabriyaan.. the word says everything.. keep it up and inspire everyone with your words😊

  2. Very well written… Besabriyaan… waah👌

  3. Really motivational
    Keep it up

  4. It's really nice..

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