That Girl In Blue Boots

A girl in a blue dress walking in farm
Date: 27-March-2019, time: 10.07 Am. Phone Rang,
“Hello, am I speaking to miss dolly?”
Dolly: Yes, who’s this?
David:    Hello ma’am, Good morning. I am David calling from a company. Are you looking for a job change? 
Dolly: Ummm, yes.
David:    Perfect, we have an opening for a receptionist position at our client location and your profile is a perfect fit for this role. Are you interested for this role?
Dolly: Yes, may I know the detail job description please?
David: Sure, you’ll be appointed at our most reputed client location and we are offering you the x,xx,xxxx salary.
Dolly: okay, fine. May I know the interview date and time?
David:  Yes, the interview is scheduled for tomorrow and I have sent you an email about place and time, please check and let me know if you have any problem?
Dolly: Oh, yes. Just received it. Okay, No problem. I’ll be there on time.
David: Thank you madam. All the Best!
Dolly: Thank you, Bye. (She hung up the phone)
A day before that call:
Date: 26-March-2019. Time: 9.30 Pm.
Dolly, (thinking and talking to self).
Wow, finally completed with my 50’Th painting. It’s looking so nice. Let me take one selfie with my painting. (Clicked). How nice it will be, if I could showcase my talent to the world, ummmm, how about painting exhibition. Ohh yes, but what will people say? Let it be… Better I hunt for a job and earn some money, that paintings are not gonna help me to complete my financial needs. It’s better I keep it as a passion.
(She wrapped up all paintings and kept it in the cupboard) 
On the interview Day:
Date: 28-March-2019 Time: 11.00 Am
Dolly: (In a hurry and talking to self)
Okay, I am ready for the interview. Hope I’ll select and get that job. (She left the house and took a taxi to her interview location)
Red signal, the taxi stopped.  Dolly saw a man making rangolis on road. She was curiously watching every small detail of that rangoli.
Dolly to taxi driver: Please drop me here, my location is nearby. I’ll go walking.
(Dolly left the taxi and started watching that rangolis.)
Dolly to that Rangoli man: Hello uncle…
Rangoli Man: ………
At that day, something happened that changed the life of dolly. She didn’t attend that interview.
To be continued……
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4 Replies to “That Girl In Blue Boots”

  1. Interesting❤️

  2. Suspense is begin, waiting for next thread

  3. Eagerly waiting for the continution.
    Really very interesting

  4. I must say that this is going to be something absorbing in the next part.! Expected it to be somehow long story in first part. But it's okay, let's wait for the second one; or further may be third and fourth one.!

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