Till I Met You

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Monday: 10.30 am,

I was already running late for work. Super busy roads and crowded metro trains. Thousands of thoughts running inside my mind like OMG OMG OMG “you’re late”. I thought I am already late so why chase running clock? It’s not gonna help me.

10.37 am,

I boarded a train, hell (crowded I mean), stepped down at my stop. The scene of a crowd there looked like a Zombieland, everyone was running like there is no tomorrow. Finally, somehow I reached my destination. Then something happened that changed my entire day or life!

11.32 am,

I was walking on footpath then I saw one little girl (maybe 8 to 9 years old) with her brother (4 to 5 years old) selling Pen. She asked, “Pen le lo na” (in Hindi). I was running late so I ignored and started walking fast fast. She again asked so I stopped and said: “Muze nahi chahiye pen thank you”. She, “Sirf 1 he le lo” this time I am like “oh god ye kaha fas gaya main” (in Hindi).  I said okay and purchased one pen from her. She became so happy and her smile was so innocent, it melted my heart. I thought it’s just a 2 rupee pen then why she is so happy? So I asked her. She said that she wants to buy one lollipop for her brother which costs 10 rupees. So for that, she must sell at least 20 pens to buy that one lollipop for her brother and give 10 rupees to her mom so that they can manage the food for the day. I was numbed after hearing that. I purchased 3 lollipops, one for her and one for her brother and one to reward myself.
I was speechless and even forgot that I have to reach office on time, but that day I came to know life is not all about material possessions. Life is beautiful when you open your heart for everyone. This incident changed the way I see the world and I came to know that the world is full of beautiful things “LIFE IS SHORT” to be worried. Now I enjoy every small thing, celebrate every small success and most importantly I am now happy for what I have.
I reached office too late that day, my boss was looking at me like I have committed a big crime but I smiled back, and that time I was thinking “he needs a lollipop too”. Haha!!!
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2 Replies to “Till I Met You”

  1. Bhai I have known one thing in my everyday life experience Life is very short live every moment of your life.

  2. Nice. We need to give our valuable time to needy people’s. We get lots of experience while spending time with them.

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