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The platform that helps people to share their passion with the world. Bloggerbhushu is the platform for passionate bloggers, writers, and poets to share their writing with the thousands of relevant audience. Bloggerbhushu is full of articles of travel adventures, food blogs, Lifestyle tips, and tips on overcoming anxiety and fear and most importantly the […]

That Girl In Blue Boots

A girl in a blue dress walking in farm

Date: 27-March-2019, time: 10.07 Am. Phone Rang, “Hello, am I speaking to miss dolly?”   Dolly: Yes, who’s this? David:    Hello ma’am, Good morning. I am David calling from a company. Are you looking for a job change?  Dolly: Ummm, yes. David:    Perfect, we have an opening for a receptionist position at our client location […]


Happy Independent Woman

  Dreams, everyone’s life is surrounded around this five letter word. Someone wants to sing, someone wants to write, someone wants to be an actor or someone wants to achieve something in their life and something that defines all those things is a DREAM.   We never know why? Always follow what others say to […]

Unanswered Feelings – 2

Man hiding surprise flower in his hand.

The Ambiguous Conclusion……   Sometime we can’t identify, what’s going on in our life? Feelings are like hide-and-seek game, there are thousands of feelings hiding behind your innocent heart and the answers of million questions you’re seeking at the same time.   Every day we think, Today is the day to give a way to […]

Unanswered Feelings

Boy gives a surprise with a flower to a girl

Relations are like glass, once broken can’t be fixed. Life is meaningless without relations. Sometime we just can’t identify whether its love or affection or friendship. As the time passes you start realizing the meaning of that unnamed uncategorized relation. Time plays a game, in fact, there is no perfect time for all the things […]

The one who loves your dreams

2 woman happy faces

Every person has a dream. Someone wants to dance on every beat of the music or someone wants to make their own tune. Is courage, passion, craziness are the only factors that determine your dreams? Well, the answer is No.     Someone who encourages you, someone who is always with you and support you. […]

Everything She Knows

Loving picture of Mother and her child

Do you know something or someone that can beat Google?   Come on….. Don’t think too much…. it’s easy   Your Mom!   Mom knows everything that even Google doesn’t know, at least about you. The only human on the earth having superpower is our mom. The burden she carries is something that cannot be […]

Interesting Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know

Aeroplane ready to fly

1)    Why airplanes are white? Why airplanes are not colorful? Well, there is a thermal science behind that. According to the research, white color best reflect the sunlight which keeps the cabinet of plane cool. Purdue University Conducted research on this topic, the study found that white airplanes have fewer bird collisions and that’s why […]