Everything She Knows

Loving picture of Mother and her child

Do you know something or someone that can beat Google?   Come on….. Don’t think too much…. it’s easy   Your Mom!   Mom knows everything that even Google doesn’t know, at least about you. The only human on the earth having superpower is our mom. The burden she carries is something that cannot be […]

Interesting Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know

Aeroplane ready to fly

1)    Why airplanes are white? Why airplanes are not colorful? Well, there is a thermal science behind that. According to the research, white color best reflect the sunlight which keeps the cabinet of plane cool. Purdue University Conducted research on this topic, the study found that white airplanes have fewer bird collisions and that’s why […]

Top 10 Upbeat Songs You Must Listen

Happy Woman listening songs with headphones

Music, this five letter word is the world’s best medicine, just imagine a day without music? I am sure you can’t live without it. Imagine a world without music, the world would be a silent place!!! It’s hard to imagine and this is how the music having dominance in our lives. Why listening to music […]

Social Phobia: More Than Just Shyness

Woman Praying

 It is difficult to understand things, especially when it comes to human nature, no? It is very unpredictable and changes with time. There are only few whom we know for their great sense of humor and for rest we called them as an ordinary humor person. Is it really over here? No. There are people […]

A Booby Trap

Different types of Plants

Life is full of surprises…..no?  In the pursuit of happiness, we deal with a lot of things from people to people and from situations to situations. Life is full of random, happy, sad and weird experiences. The formula for happiness is way too complicated to understand and that is how the life goes on. How […]

How Engineering Changed My Life

Celebration of Convocation Ceremony

No jobs, high number of unemployment, competition like hell and many more terms people use to describe engineering. Even more, people are also advised not to enroll in engineering now a days. Is engineering really a bad career option? Well, I don’t know really. I am an Engineer and I am going to share the […]

What Do You Get From Travelling?

Picture of Travel Girl with Nature

Hey there, fellow traveller! Travelling is something that makes you happy, gives inner peace and delightful memories. More you travel more it keeps you alive inside or something that teaches you a lot then turn you into a storyteller. So let’s deep dive into the ocean of such great benefits of travelling. How is travelling […]

Tips To Tackle Your Fear

Girl alone in top

Hey there!   Fear, this four-letter word can devastate your life. Every person has fear of something. Someone has fear of losing a job, someone has fear of relationship failure or someone has fear of their own future. So, how to deal with that fear? Are you’re suffering from such a situation? Then, check out […]

Tricks to Start Conversation with Strangers

Picture of Strangers sitting in Chair

Fear, especially unnecessary fear is one of the biggest problem while communicating with the strangers. The questions like what they’ll think? How’ll they react? Why should I talk first? And many more questions popped up in mind while talking to the strangers for the first time. Isn’t it? So how to overcome that fear & […]

Problems Mumbaikar’s Face in Rainy Season

Train stuck in Heavy rain Mumbai

Hey there Mumbaikar!   Mumbai: It’s all about timing. Either way, we can say it’s all about people. The spirit of Mumbai people is awe-inspiring, especially in the Rainy season. No matter what? They always face every difficulty with morale.   Here are some common problems they face in rainy season: The Local Train Problem: […]