10 Yummy Indian Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat and Improve Your Health

Summer in India is both a season and an experience. With temperatures so high, everyone needs something cool to rejuvenate their body and mind. And what could be better than a glass of delectable and nutritious Indian beverage? From the traditional lassi to the acidic aam panna, Indian drinks come in a wide range of flavours and health advantages. In this blog, we will look at the top ten tasty Indian drinks for hot summer days, as well as their distinctive features, benefits, and preparation methods:

1. Lassi:

  • Lassi is a pleasant yogurt-based drink popular throughout India. It’s produced by combining yoghurt and water, then seasoning with sugar or salt to taste. Lassi is a probiotic drink that aids digestion and strengthens the immune system. It also provides calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals that our bodies require. Other popular types of lassi besides the original sweet and salted lassi include Mango lassi, Rose lassi, and Kesar lassi.
  • To make lassi, combine 1 cup of yoghurt with 1/2 cup of water and add sugar or salt to taste. To enhance the flavour, you can also add your favourite fruits or flavours.
Lassi Image

2. Aam Panna:

  • Aam Panna is a pleasant and tart drink made from raw mangoes. It’s a terrific way to combat the heat and stay hydrated. Aam Panna is high in vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritious drink. It is also known to help with digestion and avoid dehydration. Aam Panna is also known by the names Kairi Panha and Keri no ras.
  • To prepare Aam Panna, boil raw mangoes until mushy, then remove the pulp and combine it with sugar, salt, and spices like cumin and black pepper. Serve with ice cubes and cooled water.
Panna Aam Image

3. Nimbu Pani :

  • Nimbu Pani, also known as lemonade, is a traditional Indian summer drink that is simple to prepare and enjoyable to drink. It is high in Vitamin C and is thought to improve immunity, help digestion, and hydrate the body. Shikanji and Limbu Sarbat are two more common names for Nimbu Pani.
  • To make Nimbu Pani, pour the juice of 2-3 lemons into a glass, add sugar or salt, and thoroughly stir. Then, pour in the cold water and garnish with ice cubes and mint leaves.

Nimbu Pani Image

4. Jaljeera:

  • Jaljeera is a spicy and tangy drink that is ideal for the hot summer months. Cumin, coriander, mint leaves, lemon juice, and black salt are used to make it. Jaljeera is a digestive drink that aids in the reduction of bloating and flatulence. It also aids in the maintenance of electrolyte balance in the body. Jaljeera is also known by the names Jal-jeera and Gol Gappe ka Pani.
  • To make Jaljeera, crush roasted cumin and coriander seeds and combine with mint leaves and lemon juice. Serve with ice cubes with black salt, sugar, and cooled water.
Jaljeera Image

5. Sattu Sherbet:

  • Sattu Sherbet is a traditional Bihar drink prepared from roasted gramme flour. It is a nutritious and healthy drink that is believed to keep the body cool and energised. Sattu Sherbet is also strong in protein and fibre, making it an excellent weight-loss beverage. Sattu Sherbet is also known as Sattu ka Ghol and Sattu Sharbat.
Sattu Sherbet Images

6. Thandai:

  • Thandai is a delightful drink that is frequently served at holidays such as Holi and Shivratri. It’s created with nuts, seeds, and spices like almonds, pistachios, fennel seeds, and cardamom. Thandai is well-known for its cooling effects, making it an excellent method to beat the heat. Sardai and Bhang Thandai are two other common names for Thandai.
  • To make Thandai, soak the nuts and seeds in water for several hours before grinding them into a paste and adding milk, sugar, and spices. Refrigerate the mixture and serve with ice cubes.
Thandai Image

7. Chaas:

  • Chaas, also known as buttermilk, is a popular summer drink in India made with yoghurt, water, and spices. It has cooling effects and is an excellent method to beat the heat. Chaas is a probiotic drink that aids digestion and strengthens the immune system. Mattha and Taak are two more popular names for Chaas.
  • To make Chaas, whisk together yoghurt, water, salt, and spices such as cumin and mint leaves until frothy. With ice cubes, serve chilled.
Chaas Image

8. Kokum Sherbet:

  • Kokum Sherbet is a tart and refreshing drink produced from the kokum tree’s fruit. It is high in antioxidants and has been shown to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Kokum Sherbet is also an excellent method to beat the heat and stay hydrated. Solkadhi and Aamsol are two other names for Kokum Sherbet.
  • To prepare Kokum Sherbet, soak dried kokum fruit in water for a few hours before straining, adding sugar and salt, and chilling. Serve with ice cubes and mint leaves on the side.
Kokum Sherbet Image

9. Bel Sharbat:

  • Bel Sharbat is a traditional North Indian drink produced from the bel fruit pulp. It has cooling effects and is an excellent method to beat the heat. Bel Sharbat is also high in nutrients and has been shown to improve digestion and the immune system. Wood Apple Sharbat and Bael Pana are two other names for Bel Sharbat.
  • To prepare Bel Sharbat, take the pulp from the bel fruit and combine it with sugar and water before straining the concoction. Serve chilled with ice cubes and mint leaves.
Bel Sharbat Image

10. Rose Milk:

  • Rose Milk is a delightful and sweet drink created from milk and rose syrup. It is a terrific way to cool off in the summer and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Rose Milk is also recognised for its cooling effects and is an excellent stomach tonic. Rose Milk is also known by the names Rooh Afza and Gulab Sharbat.
  • To prepare Rose Milk, combine milk and rose syrup in a glass, then add sugar and ice cubes and stir thoroughly.
Rose Milk Image

Indian drinks have a variety of flavours and advantages that are ideal for the hot summer months. There is something for everyone, from the traditional lassi and nimbu pani to the fiery jaljeera and sour aam panna. These beverages not only assist to beat the heat, but they also provide several health benefits. So, the next time you’re thirsty and hot, try brewing one of these wonderful Indian drinks at home and enjoy the taste and advantages they provide.

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